Mountain bikers start season with two victories

The Red Devil mountain biking team’s 32 riders won a race featuring nearly 1,100 riders Saturday, Sept. 7, in Richfield. Above, Red Devil rider Siena Guzman-Newton makes her way through the racecourse. Photo courtesy of Mike Duniway

The 32 riders on Moab’s Red Devil mountain biking team took first place on points in Division 3 in Richfield – giving them consecutive first place victories to start the NICA season, according to Greg Child.

The competition Saturday, Sept. 7, was keen with a total of 1,080 high and middle school students riding between one and four laps on the 5.7-mile course, Child said in an email. “Every student gave their best effort. At the end of the day four Moab athletes stood on the podium,” he said.

Ryder Murdock took second in the Junior Varsity D2 B class; Jackson Sorensen placed fifth in JV D2 A; Michael Johnston placed fourth in Freshmen D2 B; and Ariann Child took fifth in girls JV A.

“The inclusion of young women on the team has grown greatly this season to almost a third of the team,” Child said.

The team next competes Sept. 21 in Cedar City.