Red Devil soccer team falls to Spartans

Neelie Relph attempts to communicate with teammates and coordinate an offensive drive in the first half. Photo by Anthony Militano

The Grand County High School girls soccer team lost its season opener 0-5 to the Emery Spartans on Sept. 3, at home.

The Red Devils were green in the first half, especially on offense. The team suffered from repeat communication errors and missed visual cues. Head coach Austin Marques had to warn his players: “Back, back, back or offside, watch it, you’re offside.”

Marques must have given one amazing, inspirational halftime pep talk, because a whole new team took the field in the second half.

On defense, Tava Walling played hard and tough the entire game, but she picked up the pace, and when Emery came into her zone, she cleared it and protected the goalie better than she had in the first half.

Corah Moody, Akira Scovill, and Emree Olsen stepped up the offensive efforts, which were uncoordinated, if not chaotic, in the first half. Freshman goalie Gracie Martinez played her heart out the entire game, and she had two key stops in the second half that boosted morale and stopped Emery from running up the score.

Emery scored four times in the first half but picked up only one goal in the second. Grand missed a few opportunities to score, much to the dismay of the crowd.

The game ended closer than it could have had Grand not pulled it together in the second half. The Red Devils will be back in action at 4 p.m. at home on Friday, Sept. 13.