Red Devils volleyball puts down Spartans

Girls get strong result after close sets

Jaci Shumway, 21, celebrated with Tenney Cook, 2, after Cook won the point for the Red Devils on a spike that Emery failed to block. Photo by Carter Pape

After the Spartans of Emery High School put away Grand County’s Red Devils junior varsity team, the varsity girls faced each other on the court, and the home team came out of four close sets with the match win.

After some roster changes between the JV and varsity games, the Red Devils handily won the first set against the Spartans with strong digs and some mishandles by Emery.

Emery cleaned up for the last three sets, winning the third to stay alive. Grand County trailed four to five points for much of the set, and after getting the deficit down to two with the game point on the line, a net interference call put the Spartans on the board.

The Red Devils put up a strong showing at the beginning of what would become the final set of the night, going up 11-3 on Emery. However, that lead did not last, and the Spartans later tied it up at 20-20.

The set stayed close from there. A redeeming dig by Paige Shumway helped put the Red Devils up 21-20. A botched volley followed by a corner landing on the Red Devils’ side then put Emery up 21-22.

Red Devil Jessica Jones spiked the ball to the Emery Spartans while her teammate Kendyll Cox feigned a hit. Photo by Carter Pape

A few points later, a Spartan spike tied the game at 24-24, and a bad serve gave the Red Devils a one-point lead. After losing another point, the game was tied at 25-25. A strong return by the Red Devils put the Spartans back on their heels, and after volleying the ball out of bounds, the home team had a one-point advantage and the game point on the line.

Kendyll Cox made a diving save for the Red Devils during the final point, and Jaci Shumway put the game away with a spike, finishing the set 27-25 and the match 3-1.

The Red Devils were scheduled to next host Monticello at home on Tuesday, Sept. 10.