Better locations for a truck stop


I was born and raised in Moab in the ‘50s and ‘60s. My mom and dad were born and lived here all their lives. My ancestors were pioneers in Moab and LaSal in the late 1800s. I returned 20 years ago to my homeland. Like most Americans, most of my life savings are tied up in my house and the lot it sits on. I’ve lived in my manufactured home in Spanish Valley for 13 years. I am now retired on a fixed income. I now find that I am one of the unfortunates who will be living downwind from the proposed Love’s Truck Stop.

I am tired of hearing people, especially those who don’t even live here, be the cheerleaders for a Love’s Truck Stop in our Spanish Valley.

Maybe those people like stopping at a Love’s Truck Stop to fill up for gas when traveling, but would they want to live nearby one? Would they want to hear the idling of 53 trucks all night and have to smell their exhaust fumes 24/7 every day for the rest of their lives? Diesel exhaust is a Class 1 carcinogen (the worst)! Diesel exhaust causes lung cancer. Do these people know that truck drivers are in the high-risk category for getting lung cancer? Do they know that diesel exhaust is detrimental to people already having lung problems, like children with asthma? Do they know that studies have shown a direct link between diesel exhaust exposure and heart birth defects in newborns–and that it can cause sterility in childbearing-aged women? If they do know these things, then I must conclude that they don’t care about my health or that of all the other people living in Spanish Valley­–and even themselves, if they live downwind.

I was a nurse in my earlier years; I pay attention to scientific studies. I wonder why you cheerleaders don’t? But most of all, I wonder why SITLA does not pay attention to science. Why is SITLA disregarding my health and that of all the people in this valley? SITLA wants to unload an odd-shaped 13-acre parcel at a price of $1.2 million for the whole parcel. That is cheap compared to what it would sell at in subdivided parcels. Love’s Truck Stop is a totally inappropriate use next to residences.

Would those who support the Love’s Truck Stop want the value of their home to plummet? Would they want to lose their life savings because people are afraid to live next door to a truck stop?

There are plenty of gas stations and convenience stores in Moab for travelers. If a truck stop is needed, why can’t it be placed near the weigh station at Monticello? Trucks already must stop at the weigh station which is located away from residents’ homes. Why not put a Love’s Truck Stop where it will not affect residents, but still provide county tax revenue? It will also provide jobs for the Monticello economy. Moab employers already face a worker shortage and cannot find employees for good paying jobs because of the high cost of housing. Moab doesn’t need more jobs!

Spanish Valley is my home. Ask yourself, would you want a Love’s Truck Stop next to your home? Or your parent’s home? Or your children’s home? Well, I don’t want one either!

– Monette Clark
Spanish Valley resident