County could buy downtown USU buildings

The Grand County Council has begun its due diligence into purchasing the current USU campus on 200 South. Photo by Doug McMurdo

The Grand County Council on Tuesday agreed to approve a Commercial Real Estate Purchase Contract for the existing Utah State campus at 125 West 200 South.

According to Grand County Clerk-Auditor Chris Baird, the vote does not constitute an agreement to purchase the buildings, but rather it starts due diligence. “It is during the period of due diligence that we will assess if the property will meet our needs and the negotiated purchase price is acceptable,” said Baird.

The decision to purchase is at least a few months away from being made, but clearly selling it is on USU’s to-do list, as the university needs the revenue to cover part of the construction cost of the new USU Moab campus.

The county council, at a meeting earlier this month, and at the urging of Chair Evan Clapper, informally agreed to look into purchasing the building to “keep it in the family” of municipal buildings, and also to assist USU with its fund-raising efforts, which now include adding Extension services at the new campus.