Dominguez, Holyoak GCMS students of the month

Ximena Gonzalez Dominguez

The 7th grade student of the month is Ximena Gonzalez Dominguez.

7th grade teachers say that Ximena represents all the best qualities of a Thunderbird. She is extremely responsible and takes charge of situations, plus she helps to make sure everyone is on task and ready for class.

Ximena is helpful to those around her when they need help or don’t understand directions, and she works well both independently and in a group. Ximena is thorough and thoughtful in completing assignments.

Ximena is always positive and respectful, and a natural leader to those she works with. Ximena is the only girl in her family. She would like to visit Bora Bora someday. She has many talents and plays many sports. She loves dogs and puzzles.

Ximena’s advice to other students is, “No matter how you feel, just know you belong here.” Congratulations and thank you, Ximena!

The 8th grade student of the month is Andrew Holyoak.

Andrew Holyoak

The 8th grade staff says Andrew participates enthusiastically in class. He shares freely his understanding with the room and helps those around him. Andrew greets you with a smile and is friendly to everyone. He builds up the people around him.

Andrew’s participation helps his classmates feel more at ease in participating. He also understands higher-level topics and is able to share them in ways that make the topics easy to understand.

Andrew likes art and his favorite color is orange. He enjoys being outdoors and likes school. He has been playing the trombone for a year and half now. When he grows up, he wants to be an electrician.

Andrew’s advice to other students is, “Always do your best and never give up!”

We congratulate Andrew for his hard work. He truly deserves to be student of the month.