Some are hard to love


Watching, reading and hearing the news can be depressing, but lately I’ve been remembering an encounter in Idaho two years ago that was uplifting.

In 2017, I was on a long bike trip with a group of people. We stayed a night in a small town in Idaho in a church that had been turned into a hostel. There were bunk beds where services used to be held.

A preacher and his wife owned the hostel. They held services with a small congregation in the basement.

That evening, the owner loaded us into his van and drove us to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument to watch the sunset. While waiting for the sun to set, I got into a conversation with the preacher. I told him that when I was a teenager, I was talking to a friend’s father, a Lutheran minister, who said that he could put together a two-hour sermon in 15 minutes, but that it would take two hours to put together a 15-minute sermon.

That somehow led this preacher to say that he and his congregation didn’t talk about the differences between their church and others. It was all about loving everyone, and that loving everyone was not always easy to do.

A true and honest Christian.

– Bill Foreman