Truck stop a black cloud over Sunny Acres


I have been meaning to write this letter but the letter from James Bessinger of Littleton, Colorado regarding the placement of a Love’s truck stop near Sunny Acres Lane in Moab has given me new motivation.

I have lived, worked and paid taxes in Moab for nine years. My husband and I moved here for the recreational opportunities, clean air and clean water. Everyone deserves to be able to breathe fresh air and have access to clean water.

We are very fortunate that we have water from the La Sal Mountains and fresh, clean air to breathe most of the time (except for the occasional forest fire or windy conditions). If we wanted to breathe polluted air, we could have moved to Salt Lake City.

It is my opinion that just because your land is zoned for commercial use does not give you the right to pollute the air around you – the air that your neighbors will breathe. We have inversions that hold the bad air in place over the Moab Valley during the winter.

We do not need additional diesel fuel fumes added into this mix. I would be upset if someone put in a truck stop on commercial land near my home on Huntridge Drive. There is no way you can contain the fumes created by idling diesel trucks.

In addition, San Juan County would like to add even more residential homes in Spanish Valley. Why would you even consider putting in a truck stop when you are planning to build more homes for families with children? It does not make sense. It does not make common sense.

We all know diesel fumes are not good for children or adults. I travel to Blanding often for my job. There are miles of open spaces even a mile or two below Sunny Acres Lane to put a Love’s truck stop. To the San Juan County commissioners, I would say this: The future health of the people of the Moab Valley is more important than a truck stop in the present.

I think it is important for the citizens of Grand County and San Juan County to work together and help each other out when we can. We all want San Juan County to be able to have a Love’s truck stop. We would just like to see it a little farther into San Juan County.

Respectfully submitted,

– Barb Crossan