Truck stop location ‘morally wrong’


I am writing with great concern about [plans for] a Love’s truck stop adjacent to the Sunny Acres Lane neighborhood.

As a health professional I am most concerned about the well-known adverse health consequences of diesel fuel from idling trucks (or all-night low-idling trucks), and from noise and light 24/7, to a nearby neighborhood, houses as close as 35 feet. Diesel emissions should be kept 500 to 1,500 feet from residences. Diesel fumes are especially harmful to pregnant women, children and those with breathing or heart problems.

Why would SITLA (Schools and Institutional Trust Lands Administration), which works for children’s education, enable a hazard to the health of a local neighborhood?

How contrary to the SITLA mission. It is morally wrong to put Love’s in that neighborhood. Those who built there decades ago trusted San Juan County’s zoning, which was agricultural, not commercial. To put a huge truck stop with diesel fumes, noise and light so close to those homes is a betrayal of that trust.

I have no problem with a truck stop in general, and Love’s in particular. Long-distance truckers, like my grandkids’ other grandpa, work very hard and deserve a well-run stop. It’s the placement of it that I object to. Farther south it could be buffered from homes by a 1,000-foot commercial zone at the highway, as planned by the county’s new ordinances.

While I live in northern San Juan County, I will likely not be directly affected by the fumes. Rather, we are all affected when it is a matter of decency towards our neighbors.


– Alicia Landman-Reiner
Northern San Juan County