Alcohol now allowed at Lions, Old City parks

Drinking permitted elsewhere during certain events

People can now openly consume alcohol at more city spaces, including Lions Park where this photograph was taken. Photo by Carter Pape

Residents looking to sit outside and relax at Lions Park or Old City Park can now do so with a beer in hand.

Following unanimous votes by the Moab City Council, rules on alcohol at public parks and city-owned facilities in Moab have been slightly loosened. Drinking is now allowed during private events at Swanny Park and at the Center Street ball fields. Additionally, alcohol is now allowed at Lions Park and Old City Park, and not just for special events.

The changes, Moab City Manager Joel Linares emphasized during a city council meeting on Sept. 24 and after the meeting to The Times-Independent, do not change the rules on public intoxication, noise ordinances or other existing rules.

Linares said those rules would still be enforced as they have always been; drunken conduct is not acceptable just because drinking is now more generally allowed.

The serving, consumption and sale of alcohol was already allowed previously for public events at Swanny, the ball fields and Old City Park. The changes add Lions Park to that list and allow alcohol to be served and consumed at those locations for private events, as well, as long as the city approves the permit.

In addition, alcohol will now be allowed at both public and private events held at any city-owned facility, whereas before, alcohol was only allowed at public events held at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center. Permits must be obtained through the city for private events.

The city council approved the rule changes Sept. 10, when it passed the new rules on special events, and Sept. 24, when it passed the new rules on general alcohol consumption at Lions and Old City Park.

The rule changes passed on Sept. 24 also specified which city facilities and parks can be reserved, where amplified noise is allowed and where dogs are permitted.