County planners are honored with state award

The Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association has awarded Grand County its highest honor for a planning department for its efforts that led to the adoption of the county’s High Density Housing Overlay zone.

“I want to thank all the staff, stakeholders and elected officials who helped bring that idea to reality, which is clearly showing its fruits with many residential development applications in the pipeline,” said Zacharia Levine, county community and economic development director.

“This is the same honor we (Moab, Grand County, HASU, and other Housing Task Force members) received in 2017/’18 for our Affordable Housing Plan. In addition to the UT-APA award, we’ve received awards from the National Association of Counties and the Governor’s Quality Growth Commission (led by Envision Utah) for our housing related policy work,” said Levine.

“Our community’s planning efforts, while challenging and complex, are garnering positive (not just negative!) attention from around the state and nation. It might help to keep that in mind as we continue to work through difficult growth management issues,” Levine said in a memo forwarded to the media from Ruth Dillon, county council administrator.