Mountain bikers’ streak continues

Ryder Murdock and Aidan Baird of the Moab Red Devil mountain biking team get a good start in the Junior Varsity Boys B Heat in Cedar City on Saturday, Sept. 21. The team won first place again in Division Three. Photo by Mike Duniway

Each of the 33 members of the Moab Red Devils mountain bike team were winners this weekend at the third race of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association in the hills above Cedar City, where the team again scored first place on total points in Division Three.

The course was a 5.8-mile loop that included technical slickrock. Junior racers rode one lap, while more senior riders rode up to four laps. In total, 1,115 middle and high school students participated.

Red Devil riders have trained hard all season for this sort of terrain, as well as contributing volunteer hours to the local riding community, by pulling weeds at the jumps course at Anonymous Park and doing maintenance on the Slickrock Trail.

The top scoring male rider for the team at Cedar City was Elijah Topper. The top scoring female was Ariann Child. Eli Taylor’s and Jackson Sorenson’s high scores also lifted the team to first place on points.

Five Moab riders earned medals on the top-five podiums. In Intermediate Girls, Nora Moloney rode to fifth place. In Freshman Boys, Kip Sevenoff came in fifth place in Division 2A, Michael Johnston finished fourth in Division 2B. In Boys Junior Varsity Division 2B, Ryder Murdock took second place and Aiden Baird took third.

This race was the final event for the 15 middle school riders in the Junior Devo category, coached by Mike Estensen.

The next race is on a newly built course in Price in two weeks. Following that, the team will return to Cedar City for State Finals.