MRH reaches out to residents for input

Community Health Needs Survey to tap random community members

In September, randomly selected community members in the Moab Regional Hospital service area will receive a Community Heath Needs Assessment survey in their mailbox. The information collected in the survey will help identify community health and wellness needs, which will inform program planning, grant applications, and new services offered by Moab Regional Hospital, according to hospital spokesperson Christy Calvin.

An outside organization, the National Rural Health Resource Center of Duluth, Minnesota, will collect the data and analyze local community needs, use of local health care services, and overall community health. The National Rural Health Resource Center provides an objective perspective necessary in evaluating continued and future needs in the community and maintaining quality health care, said Calvin.

An accompanying goal of this process is to keep health care dollars within the local community. While the vast majority of health care can be provided locally, rural citizens often drive to large medical centers for care, spending money on health care and non-health care purchases that could be spent locally. Moab Regional Hospital strives to make services, particularly specialists, readily available, so community members will not experience this consequential economic burden, said Calvin.

“We are pleased to be able to bring some of the best community health resources in the country to Moab Regional Hospital. The goal of this initiative is to assist forward-thinking rural hospitals and communities in aligning their resources, to address their present and future needs in the best way possible,” said Terry Hill, executive director of the National Rural Health Resource Center.