No faith in local government


I must have missed some of your editions. Could you tell us the Utah state laws our county council cannot abide by? Also, why did the council have to have a special committee to write a special new government for Grand County?

We all live in Utah and obey Utah state laws, and what were the new laws that the county attorney said were illegal?

Why do we need a county manager to supervise the county council? Is this a paid position? What is the job description and performance standards for this post?

There are a lot of unanswered questions. The county council voted themselves a 200 percent annual raise in pay. Why can’t they write the outline for a new government? It’s sad we have elected officials that don’t have the courtesy to let the taxpayers, who pay their salaries, know what’s going on in our county.

But, ever since the supreme environmentalists of the universe gerrymandered Grand County to have the votes to save southeast Utah, I don’t see any positive results. Does anyone have common sense?

Maybe you could write an outline of all the positive laws to save even Grand County. I know I am a bad person to question the county council, because that’s a no-no here in Grand County.

To me, what we have ever since 1992 is a government of people for themselves, the chamber of commerce and the hotels and resorts.

Think about it. Since day one, 27 years ago, there have been secret meetings on decisions, etc. To be truthful I have lived and worked in seven different states in my life but our local governments are absolutely the worst I have ever seen.

And I have lived in areas where officials were arrested for buying votes. So, taxpayers, we need to tell people to register to vote and vote to go back to a three-person council, because I think this government we have is digging a hole Grand County will never get out of, or just deed Grand County to the federal government.

Then we can have a national monument or national park of all Grand County and just get it over with.

– Bill Cunningham