Saying yes to the trucking industry


I am probably more familiar with what happens in truck stops than nearly everyone in this valley due to the fact I have traveled many thousands of miles in trucks as a hitchhiker.

Yes, there are bad truck stops and there are bad truckers. And, there are very good truck stops, where a lone, single woman is not only safe from harassment but also treated with kindness and respect.

Love’s truck stop policies and the way they treat their staff, which reflects in the way the staff treats travelers, including hitchhikers, is stellar.

I have empathy for the people who chose to settle in on Sunny Acres 20 years ago, and honestly would be quite upset if I was suddenly going to have a truck stop outside of my backdoor.

However, every time you carry a bag of groceries into your house that came from City Market, Village Market or Moonflower, you are saying “yes” to the trucking industry.

If you are really serious about not wanting diesel fumes in this valley, you need to start with your fork.

– Patrice Lee