Man arrested at Grand Oasis for illegal fireworks Sept. 30

Around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 30, police arrested a man in Grand Oasis after receiving a complaint that he had been shooting off fireworks. When police arrived, they found damage to a nearby building and fence and a section of burnt grass.

Police spoke with the witness who called in the report upon arriving to the subdivision. The witness pointed police toward the damage that had been caused and where the alleged suspect lived. The witness also said one other person was involved.

When police knocked on the door of the suspect’s house, a different person answered and, according to police, asked, “You’re here for the troublemakers?”

The suspect, who smelled of alcohol according to police, and his girlfriend eventually came from a back room of the trailer. The suspect described to police the fireworks he had used, which matched the description of spent fireworks that police found earlier, and which he said he was shooting off for his birthday.

Police arrested the suspect and said in the report on the arrest that the property damage, once calculated, would likely be “fairly expensive.”