Plans and promises from council candidates on housing, lodging, bypass

Top row, from left: Rani Derasary, Tawny Knuteson-Boyd, M. Bryon Walston
Bottom row, from left: Kenneth G. Minor, Kalen Jones, Kendall Jenson
Photos courtesy of candidates and by Doug McMurdo

With six candidates remaining in the race for three seats on the Moab City Council, The Times-Independent interviewed each of the candidates and challenged them on their positions to see how they are differentiating themselves from the field and how they are responding to each other’s criticisms.

This week, the candidates each fielded three questions. Although the prompts were the same, the candidates’ responses varied widely. Links to each candidates’ responses are available below.

Among the starkest contrasts were the candidates’ positions on a Highway 191 bypass. Some candidates hope to continue pursuing the prospect of highway that routes through traffic around Moab rather than down Main Street; others have it lower on their list of priorities.

Next week, a break-down of the candidates’ responses, alongside insights from extensive follow-up interviews with each, will offer a deeper view into what makes each candidate’s ideas different from their opponents’, including what housing policies each hopes to pursue, whether tourists are covering the cost of their impacts and more.

Also, don’t miss the League of Women Voters’ candidate forum coming up on Monday, Oct. 7.

Each candidates’ responses