Soccer team butts Rams at home

Corah Moody passes the ball against the Rams. She scored Grand’s two goals in the game. Photos by Anthony Militano

The Grand County girls varsity soccer team defeated the South Sevier Rams 2-0 on Thursday, Sept. 26, at home. The Red Devils picked up their first shutout of the season

Corah Moody scored both of Grand’s goals in the first half. Goalie Ashley Colunga got the shutout and had a few fantastic saves through the course of the game. Seniors Jessica Hernandez, Kimberly Giron and Akira Scovill were honored at halftime for their dedication to the team.

Moody deserved full credit for her first goal; it was a clean shot and well earned. The second goal was up for debate. Tava Walling set the score up by planting the ball on the right side of the Rams’ goal. Moody swept in and fired the ball at point blank range as a defense player and the Ram’s goalie were guarding the net.

Moody’s shot was a waist-level line drive, but it was so fast and furious the Ram’s defensive player did the only thing she could; she put her elbows up to stop the ball. The ball ricocheted off of the defensive player, took a Grand County bounce and rocketed into the extreme corner of the net – and that put Grand up 2-0.

Grand was by far more aggressive and effective on offense than they had been in the past. Neelie Relph is the equivalent of Gen. George Patton; her armored attack style of play is what Grand needed to get the ball rolling this season.

Emree Olsen, in contrast, is more of a pragmatic tactician like Gen. Omar Bradley. Olsen and Relph, both juniors, have different approaches to the game, but when they work together, they have discovered how to elevate the morale of the team and produce the results coach Marques seeks.

The team will be on the road for the remainder of the regular season.

The Red Devils were scheduled to visit the Carbon Dinos on Tuesday, Oct. 1. Grand will face the San Juan Broncos in Blanding on Thursday, Oct. 3. Scores and team stats will be updated when they become available.

Seniors Jessica Hernandez, Kimberly Giron and Akira Scovill stand with their parents as they are honored for their dedication to the team. Photo by Anthony Militano