Meth found in at least two vape pens at Grand County High

District working with students, parents to teach of dangers

Photo by Carter Pape

Note: An update to this story explains that the vaping devices were retested since the publication of this article and showed no presence of methamphetamine.

The Grand County School District said last week that “more than one” of the vaping devices it recently tested showed positive for methamphetamine, although it is unclear whose property the devices are.

The school district said that it was working with local schools and law enforcement to address the issue “not only in the schools but in the community,” part of a larger effort by the school to work collaboratively with other Moab municipalities and organizations.

“At this time, it is unclear as to how the methamphetamine was acquired or who was responsible for the vaping devices containing the drugs,” a representative for the school district said in a press release.

One of the dangers with vaping, according to the school district, is the potential for unknowingly inhaling foreign substances, such as THC (a psychoactive part of marijuana), fentanyl (a highly addictive opioid pain reliever) or meth.

“Vaping is not harmless and can result in addiction and adverse medical consequences,” the district spokesperson said.

The school district encouraged parents to speak with their children about “the significant dangers of vaping,” to help educate them and the community at large about it.