Morse to leave county council in November

Terry Morse

Terry Morse will leave the Grand County Council following the first meeting in November because he and his wife are moving out of District 1.

“Life has gotten really complicated,” said Morse with a smile. A “dear friend” of the Morses offered to sell the couple a small home in the Navajo Heights subdivision. We couldn’t neglect the opportunity to buy the home, as well as downsizing and taking parts of our lives back.”

Morse, who was appointed to replace Patrick Trim and then elected to the seat last year, said several aspects of his life coalesced at one time and he and his wife “came to a resolution. I’m extremely busy all the time. I never really quit working.”

He said he and his wife raised their kids to be global citizens. “They took us literally. I really want to spend more time with my children and grandchildren,” he said, noting one child lives in South America and they haven’t visited with each other for 18 months.

He said he values the time he spent on the council and believes the county is in good hands.

“I have to say, in general, that I’ve been extremely impressed with the diligence and work ethic of everyone I’ve come into contact with in the county,” he said. “The council is doing a really good job in a difficult situation. Assuming they keep focused on the critical aspects of building a sustainable resort community, we will continue to prosper.”

Morse said his colleagues on the council are knowledgeable and dedicated, and the “diversity that exists is a very good thing.” He said the differences of opinion lead to substantive discussions that in turn lead to solid public policy that considers a wide array of opinions.

He also has a farewell message for the people in District 1. “I want to thank the people in District 1 for all their support and at the same time, apologize to them for leaving early. Notwithstanding, life goes on.”

Morse will continue managing his real estate holdings – he has been in the business since the mid-1970s, as well as running his custom furniture store. He will also set aside some time to spend with his children and grandchildren.