Officers seize 25 pounds of cocaine

Deputies find drugs hiding inside spare tire

Xavier Diaz Gonzalez and Geovani Flores

Deputies with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office seized 25 pounds of cocaine from two men during a traffic stop near Crescent Junction that started, according to police, on suspicion that the car had illegally tinted windows.

An officer pulled over the pair, Xavier Diaz Gonzalez and Geovani Flores, as they were driving eastbound on Interstate 70 after the driver and passenger windows were “extremely dark, to the point [he] could not see inside of the vehicle,” according to court documents.

The officer reported smelling marijuana coming from the pickup truck and that both men “appeared to be extremely nervous,” as he talked to them.

During interviews, police said that Gonzalez told police they were coming from Las Vegas while Flores said they were coming from California. When police asked Gonzalez for his last name, he hesitated and said, “I don’t know,” according to an officer’s sworn testimony.

Officers tested the tint of the window and found that it was at an illegal level. They asked Flores, who had been driving, whether the car had any cocaine or marijuana, to which he said no. When they asked whether they could search his car, he said, “Yes, I mean you’re going to anyways.”

During the search, officers found three cell phones and a small amount of marijuana, at which point they arrested the men and reportedly provided them a Miranda warning. The officers also found four spare tires in the back of the truck and another, different spare tire under the truck.

When police removed the tire from under the truck, they noticed that it was heavier than the others and heard “large objects moving inside of the tire,” according to police. He also reported seeing bends and alterations on the rim of the tire.

“Based off of my training and experience I believe[d] this spare tire to be loaded with criminal activity,” an officer said in court documents.

Police obtained a search warrant for the tire and took it to a local car shop to get it removed from the wheel. Upon opening it, police found 10 bags of “powder-like substance consistent with cocaine,” totaling a little over 25 pounds in weight.

The sheriff’s office requested that the Department of Homeland Security check the suspect’s citizenship status. Flores is charged with a window tinting violation; Gonzalez is charged with possession of marijuana. Both face felony drug charges for alleged intent to distribute cocaine.