Police: Moab woman asks about job openings, steals credit card

Tyra Jones

A Moab woman faces felony burglary charges after she allegedly entered a local hotel, asked its front desk about job openings, then stole an employee’s credit card. Police said she admitted to the crime after they arrested her.

The woman, Tyra Jones, entered a local hotel around 5 p.m. on Oct. 3 to ask whether the establishment had any job openings. An employee at the front desk told her that she would have to apply online.

After talking to the front desk clerk, Jones walked down the hall to a storage area, checked its door to find it locked, and after a couple of guests walked past her in the hallway, she entered an unlocked office from the hall, according to police.

Police said she came out of the office a few minutes later, after two employees walked past it down the hall, with “an oddly shaped bulge in her shirt.” They said she then entered a linen closet in the hallway, coming out shortly after with a pile of blankets.

Jones walked up to the second story, dropped the blankets, and left the hotel. Employees later found the pile of blankets, which had a purse inside. The person who owned the purse later told police that her credit card was missing.

Police later located and arrested her. Police said she admitted she took the purse and credit card then threw the card away in a commercial trash bin. Police said they could not locate the card.