Two arrested after allegedly keeping woman in car at gunpoint

Both suspects face gun, drug charges

Guadalupe Alberto Rivas Morales and Pedro Alain Gamino Canales

Utah Highway Patrol officers recently arrested two men after a woman, with whom the men had been driving north on Highway 191, told police dispatch that the men were keeping her in the car, holding her at gunpoint.

Police arrested the driver, Guadalupe Alberto Rivas Morales, and his passenger, Pedro Alain Gamino Canales, on Sept. 22 as they were driving eastbound on Interstate 70, away from Thompson, where police later found the woman.

Police charged Morales with registration- and insurance-related traffic infractions; both he and Canales also face misdemeanor drug charges after they allegedly found methamphetamine and paraphernalia in the car and felony gun charges for possessing a firearm as a restricted person.

Police found two handguns in the car Morales was driving, both with loaded magazines. They also later found the woman, who had been in the car, and had called police at a gas station in Thompson.

The woman told police she had jumped out of the car near Thompson after Canales, with whom she had a relationship, pressured Morales not to let her out of the car. Morales and Canales both told police, in separate statements, that Morales had let her out after she and Canales kept arguing.

Police said the woman was injured, but her injuries were not consistent with having jumped out of a moving car.