We do NOT need a truck stop in Moab


Although there have been a couple letters recently that claim a truck stop would be a good addition to the Moab community, that claim doesn’t seem to be based in fact or reality.

A typical semi truck has fuel tanks that hold 150 gallons and most trucks have two tanks – these trucks can go a very long way without stopping to refuel. Trucks coming through Moab from the north can fuel up at either of the Love’s truck stops on I-70 in Grand Junction and Green River. Trucks coming towards Moab from the south can get fuel at either of the two truck stops in Monticello. Trucks fueling up in Monticello can make it all the way to Glenwood Springs! And, according to Bruce Adams, the San Juan County Commissioner whose district includes Monticello and Spanish Valley, neither of the Monticello truck stops are ever busy. Hmmm – so there’s a need for an additional truck stop only 50 miles from two that are never busy?

If truckers need a bigger and nicer truck plaza than the existing truck stops in Monticello, a convenient location would be in proximity to the weigh station, east of Monticello, where all truckers must stop anyway. This area is outside of town, away from homes and schools, so the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Monticello would not be impacted or threatened. It could provide needed jobs for residents of Monticello. Whereas, most businesses in Moab already can’t find enough employees.

We appreciate that trucks bring necessary goods to Moab, but neither truckers nor our community need a big truck plaza in Moab or Spanish Valley. It is a myth perpetrated on the public that needs to be dispelled. It simply would ruin our beautiful Moab valley.


– Carolyn Dailey
Pack Creek resident