Let OHVs ride on SLC streets, not national parks


This is an open letter to U.S. Rep. John Curtis.

Dear Representative Curtis,

I urge you to oppose allowing off road vehicles – UTVs and ATVs – in our national parks.

I associate the disruptive noise and fumes from ORVs, ATVs and UTVs on a par with smoking in public places.

ATVs and UTVs are a source of noise and air pollution that citizens of Utah need to be protected from with the same consideration that made smoking illegal in public spaces. It is inconsiderate and unfair to allow vehicles designed specifically for off-road use to be disturbing the tranquility of our treasured National Parks.

The logic that ATVs and UTVs should be allowed in national parks so as not to discriminate them from cars and street trucks will motivate national parks to ban all vehicles and implement a shuttle system.

You want ATVs and UTVs to be treated the same as cars and street trucks? Then I expect to see them driving on the interstate highways and the streets of the Utah State Capitol.

I don’t like them driving on any of our public streets. I don’t see them riding around the streets of Salt Lake City. Why do you think it’s OK for them to disturb our neighborhoods?

There are plenty of places ATVs and UTVs are allowed to drive without roaring around town or the national parks.

Please be considerate of the residents of Utah that value a quiet, safe, wholesome atmosphere to raise our kids. ORVs, ATVs and UTVs have a place; it’s just not on paved public streets. They aren’t called off-road vehicles for nothing.

– Kaki Hunter