Man arrested after refusing to provide his name to police

Moab City Police arrested a man after checking on his welfare after he reportedly refused to identify himself to police.

Police said a local business manager approached an officer as she was going to work, and she told police she noticed the man, who she said had on no shirt, limping and walking around a parking lot at a business in town.

The officer, who reported he was “concerned for [the man’s] welfare” due to the low temperatures, went to check on him. The man told police he had a “rough night,” according to the report, and that he had gone for a run and taken off his shirt.

Police said the man then began refusing questions or to provide identification. He told police his first name but did not answer what his last name or date of birth was when asked.

Police said he then started arguing about why he needed to provide his identity, which the officer answered. The officer said the man then started looking around like he wanted to escape.

The officer told the man he was under arrest and to turn around and put his hands on his head. After the man allegedly refused to comply, the officer “presented” his Taser without deploying it, according to the report, and the man cooperated.

After getting the man into a patrol vehicle, the officer told him he would “work with him if he would cooperate,” but the man still refused to talk. Police eventually took him to jail and charged him with resisting arrest and interfering with a public servant.