Police cite reckless truck driver

After receiving multiple calls about a reckless driver in a tractor-trailer heading toward Moab from San Juan County on Highway 191, police say they watched the driver use a left turn lane near Mill Creek Drive to pass four cars.

Police received the report around 5 p.m. on Oct. 8, and when an officer located the truck as it was driving northbound, he turned around to follow it and reported that it soon used a left turn lane between Mill Creek and Sage drives to pass four to five cars.

Police pulled the trucker over, and a passenger in a vehicle passing by yelled out to the officer, imploring him to ticket the driver for reckless driving.

Police dispatch advised two drivers who called 911 about the incident to pull over with police when they located the trucker. Police collected statements from those drivers, and one of the witnesses told police that she was “still shaking” after the incident because the trucker allegedly squeezed between cars when returning to his lane and passed cars even when other cars were oncoming in the lane he was using to pass.

The truck driver told police that he was frustrated by drivers traveling 45 mph in a 55-mph zone, explaining to police that was why he was passing in no-passing zones. Police cited the driver for reckless driving.