School honors longtime ball boy, No. 1 fan Derrick Beddoes

Derrick Beddoes

Derrick ‘D-Rock’ Beddoes was the guest of honor at the Red Devils senior recognition football game on Friday, Oct. 11, in Moab. For 13 years, D-Rock has been the official ball boy at various Grand County High School boys and girls sporting events.

Grand County High School Athletic Director Ron Dolphin offered a testimonial on D-Rock’s behalf. “Derrick is turning 27, but he’s been involved in the Grand County sports program since he was in the eighth grade. When he was in high school, he was on the baseball team. He actually got to play in two games and did an amazing job. They let him hit, they threw underhand pitches to him so he could hit the ball. He caught a ball in the outfield and that was a great moment for him,” said Dolphin.

“Derrick loves being a ball boy and being a part of the baseball, basketball and football programs. Officially he’s been doing it for 13 years, but it seems like a lifetime because he just loves chasing down balls and supporting the Red Devils,” said Dolphin.

“He’s a special kid, he really is. The community looks after him a lot of the time and everybody has got D-Rock’s best interests in mind. It was nice to recognize him and it was long overdue. He really wants to be there to support the teams. He wants to go to every out-of-town game too and be the ball boy. We’ve taken him to state tournaments and he’s been the official ball boy at state tournaments. He loves being around sports. He’ll tell you any sports statistic,” Dolphin continued.

Derrick Beddoes arrives at the last home football game of the season Oct. 11 via helicopter. Photo by Kammy Wells

“He’s got a big heart and a big desire to always be a Red Devil. He always wants Red Devils gear and he works hard, so we give him what we can. D-Rock is an amazing young man. We love being with him and I know he loves being with us, so I know it’s a mutual thing and we hope he’s around for a long, long time.

“He makes everybody feel better. He’s got a good outlook on life, and the passion that he has for what he does makes you maybe feel not so sorry about yourself. D-Rock always has a smile on his face and he’s always patting you on the back no matter what the circumstance or situation. I consider him my assistant athletic director,” said Dolphin. “He helps me out a lot. He’s just a great human being.”