GCMS students of the month

Emily Rutherford

The eighth grade student of the month is Emily Rutherford.

“She is a person who has made a real impression on her teachers so far this year,” according to the press release. “She is a great citizen and always respectful of those around her, and she is very strong academically, as well.

“Her work ethic is outstanding; she always gives assignments her best effort and takes responsibility for any work missed due to absences. Her teachers appreciate her thoughtful participation in class discussions, her polite manner, and her mature attitude.

“She is a great role model for other students and we are lucky to have her with us at GCMS. Emily loves playing softball and volleyball. She has a love for traveling and thinks baking is fun. Reading is a nice pastime for her and she loves learning new things,” said the press release.

Her advice to students is “Stay positive, no matter what happens.”

Abby Jones

The Grand County Middle School seventh grade student of the month is Abby Jones.

According to a press release from the school, Jones shows what it means to be a true Thunderbird. “She is kind, makes sure everyone is included in activities and stays on top of her assignments. She stands above the rest for the month of October because she takes the initiative to help when she sees a need.

“She is very opinionated when it comes to class decisions but her goal is always to have the best time that she can. Abby’s favorite color is blue and she has brown eyes. Her favorite class is P.E. and she loves learning about science.

“Abby likes gymnastics and loves to exercise,” said the press release. Her advice to students is “keep up your grades and be nice to others. It’s not that hard.”