Teen arrested at local hotel while on outing with youth group

Moab City Police arrested a teen visiting Moab soon after midnight on Oct. 17 and cited him for multiple misdemeanors, including assault, after he allegedly attacked fellow trip-goers on an outing with a youth group for troubled young people.

The teen who police arrested lives in Kentucky, and his grandmother is his legal guardian. Police transported him to the Blanding Juvenile Detention Center after the incident.

Police responded to a local hotel on a report of a disturbance involving multiple youth and adult advisors. The advisor identified to police the teen creating the disturbance and said that he was upset that he could not sleep on a bed, since the beds were reserved for the older boys on the trip.

The advisor said the teen tried to wrestle one of the older boys out of his bed and repeatedly threatened to kill him, and he eventually ran away from the hotel.

According to their report, police asked the teen “what he thought needed done to manage the situation.” According to police, the teen first suggested they drive him back home to Kentucky. After telling him they could not do that, he expressed frustration that he did not have a comfortable bed in which to sleep for the night and eventually said he would return to the hotel and sleep on the floor with the rest of the younger boys on the trip.

About an hour after the initial call, police returned to the hotel and found that the teen had allegedly begun throwing objects and hitting the walls of the hotel room. Police placed him in handcuffs and removed him from the room.

The adult advisor told police that the teen’s mood did not improve after police left, and his temper eventually broke, and he began threatening an older boy and throwing things. Police contacted the teen’s grandmother with him and began discussing the idea of taking him to the Blanding Juvenile Detention Center, at which point he began expressing more anger, and police cited and arrested him.