Coronella: Council should ‘censure’ Wells


In 2018, Utah House Bill 224, a poorly written and confusing piece of legislation that thrust unwanted partisanship and change onto our county and council, sabotaged Grand County’s voter-supported nonpartisan government.

Our “representative” to the Utah Association of Counties failed to inform the council of this impending legislation and even helped write the clause mandating a change in our council and election policies.

Then, on Oct. 15, 2019, a group of elected Utah Republican partisans wrote a letter to Utah’s D.C. delegation denigrating the impeachment inquiry looking into the alleged abuse of office by Donald Trump, starting with a purely fabricated need to have Congress hold a vote to proceed with the inquiry, and further pretending the process is “outrageous,” based on similarly false premises.

Virtually every point in this letter is based on either outright ignorance or distortions of our legal system, or dishonest representations of those involved in this inquiry.

Oct. 25, 2019: A roundtable “discussion” was held in Moab to sabotage the goose that laid Grand County’s golden egg: the magnificent public lands that draw millions to our county every year. Hosted by Sen. Mike Lee in his never-ending campaign to steal everyone’s land, this lopsided sham exclusively invited elected and unelected officials who have voiced open hostility to our public lands, ignoring the Utah Constitution’s prohibitions on such actions (Article 3.2: The people inhabiting this state do affirm and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within the boundaries hereof…).

Not one voice of opposing view was allowed while Lee and invitees made highly questionable statements.

These items have at least one thing in common: Grand County Council Member Curtis Wells. Wells seems more interested in making a name for himself with the corrupt Republican machine than he is in fulfilling his oath of office to “discharge the duties of (his) office with fidelity.”

I believe the county council should censure, or remove, Mr. Wells for his malice and bad faith actions toward our county, our laws and our land. The council should further pass a resolution in support of keeping public land in public hands in response to the latest nonsense.

– Mike Coronella