Police: Man with meth caught after brief chase

Police arrested a man after he attempted to run away from officers outside of a gas station on Oct. 24. Police allegedly found methamphetamine in the man’s jacket pocket, which he attempted to leave with a gas station employee.

Police took the suspect, Adalbert Dean Joe, into custody outside Moab’s south 7-Eleven after spotting him biking down Main Street around 2:30 p.m. Police said they stopped him because of an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

When police told the man that he was under arrest, he asked to leave his bike with his girlfriend, who he said worked at the gas station and convenience store. Police said they could not find his girlfriend in the store, so he asked to leave the bike and his jacket with an employee at the store.

Police said that Joe moved various items from his shorts pocket to his sweater pockets before giving it to the employee. Police told the employee they would search the jacket, and she allegedly became reluctant to give it to them.

After telling the employee they would charge her if she did not turn over the jacket, she handed it over, and police said that soon thereafter, Joe began running away. An officer said he drew his Taser, chased Joe, and yelled “Taser” multiple times before he stopped and submitted to arrest.

Police took the jacket from the 7-Eleven employee and searched it, allegedly finding a substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine. Police also said that they found two syringes in Joe’s jacket.

Later, at the jail, Joe asked to speak with one of the officers, according to police. Joe allegedly told the officer that he was taking the meth to a friend but would not tell police who or where the friend was. According to police, when asked about the syringes, Joe said that he had used them to take meth days before, and when asked why he fled, he allegedly said that he knew they wanted to search his jacket and he “did not want to get in trouble.”

Joe faces felony, rather than misdemeanor, charges for possession of drugs because of prior convictions.