Side-by-side driver arrested for DUI

Moab City Police cited a driver for driving under the influence of alcohol on Sunday, Oct. 27, after a breath test indicated his blood alcohol level was 0.112.

Police pulled the man over Sunday evening, around 9:30 p.m., off of Main Street after seeing that he was driving with red Buggy Whip lights, which are strand LEDs that run up a length of antennae, typically attached to the back of side-by-sides.

Police said red lights such as the ones the driver was using are disallowed because red lights are reserved for use by law enforcement and other authorized uses, such as brake lights.

After pulling the man over, police reported the smell of alcohol coming from the man’s breath, and when they asked whether he had anything to drink, he allegedly said that he had three or four drinks earlier in the evening.

Police ran a sobriety test on the man and tested his breath for alcohol. After tests indicated that he was intoxicated, police gave him a warning for the unauthorized use of red lights and cited him with a DUI. One of the man’s friends arrived to take the side by side away so that police did not have to impound it.