Who decided no fluoride for Moab?


Thank you to the Times-Independent and Carter Pape for the Oct. 25 article on the absence of fluoridation in Moab’s water. The article describes the benefits to our children of fluoridation, benefits, which are life long.

Coincidental with the article I received my property tax bill. In reviewing the bill I note that more than half the expense is for Moab’s schools. I support our public schools and have no problem with the tax. My question is, why do we go to the expense to educate our children and yet do not take the simple step of adding fluoride to our water to promote their lifelong health?

The article is lacking in at least one respect. It fails to identify the person or persons and or the organization that has made the decision to deny our children this basic health benefit. Who are they? Were they offered the opportunity to state the reason for their decision? If so, what did they say?

– Don Dummer
Spanish Valley