Man arrested on allegation of assaulting wife during date night

Moab City Police arrested a man last week after his wife reported that, during a date night, he punched her in the head multiple times, took her phone to prevent her from calling police and held her hair to prevent her from getting away.

Antoine Daniels’ wife said she eventually escaped from him after he allegedly became drunk and started hitting her and keeping her in the hotel room they rented for the night. She said she ran out of the hotel room they had and called police for help.

Police said they checked the woman for injuries and found a lump on the back of her head and pain in her chest, ribs and back. Male police and EMTs waited outside the office where they found the wife, and a female EMT removed the woman’s clothing to check for bruises. The EMT said there was no bruising, so police advised the woman to check for bruises over the next few days and document them if they appeared.

Police then went into the room the couple had rented for the night and found Daniels asleep on the bed. After checking the room for weapons, they woke Daniels, who started talking incoherently.

Police said the room was in disarray, with blood on the pillows and sheets, bottles of alcohol strewn around, the motel phone off the hook and the wife’s phone on the bed where the man had been sleeping, “hidden under his body,” according to police.

Police asked Daniels how the blood got there, and he eventually said that his wife had assaulted him and that it was his blood on the bed. Police said the man had no injuries or blood on his face, and neither did the wife.

Police later determined Daniels had a warrant out for his arrest out of Centerville. He faces one felony count of kidnapping, and misdemeanor charges for assault, interrupting a communication device and intoxication. Police went over conditions of a no-contact order with the woman against Daniels; she waived the order.