T-I shouldn’t cover ‘GOPers’


Really, Times-Independent? Three front-page stories that feature Trump Kool-Aid drinkers, Murkowski, Lee and John Curtis? These hypocritical and cowardly GOPers have nuttin’ to say ’bout nuttin when it comes to the ordinary or normal issues of our time.

Curtis talks disparagingly about divisiveness and yet he gives his allegiance to the historical master of American divisiveness, Vladimir V. Putin’s favorite president, Donald J. Trump. Mike Lee fancies himself a “constitutional expert” and yet he gives his allegiance to a man who abuses the power of his presidential office, betrays his oath to the Constitution and pursues opportunities for corruption, both public and private, the way a six-point buck pursues a doe.

It is always party before country with these guys.

The only coverage such terribly deluded people should receive from The T-I and other state and national media is when they are finally deprogrammed from the Trump cult, which so threatens our nation’s democratic soul.

When Trump is gone (if he and Fox News don’t steal or cancel the election), the members of the Party of Trump should spend some time in the wilderness. Maybe 40 days and nights in the desert without food or water, as our Lord did in the Gospels.

Only then can the likes of Murkowski, Lee and John Curtis come forth and again try to rip off our public lands and give them to their wealthy and powerful bosses.

– Kevin McGann
Castle Valley