Three suspects face scores of felony, false ID charges

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people Friday, Nov. 1, for allegedly transferring false identification and “financial cards.” Each of the three face 30 felony charges in the bust.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office arrested Nila Lester, Roilin Reynoso and Hernan Vicente Pena, names they said may be falsified.

Deputies arrested the three after a deputy clocked them driving 84 mph in a 80 mph zone and allegedly saw that the passenger in the backseat was not wearing a seatbelt. Upon pulling over the SUV and approaching the driver, the deputy reported smelling marijuana.

The deputy said that the suspects’ stories suggested to him that they were “up to criminal activity,” and that upon searching the vehicle, he found four iPhones, 14 financial cards and approximately 16 counterfeit ID cards.

The sheriff’s office charged all the suspects with the same crimes “due to the lack of information provided by the suspects.”