Treasurer: Property tax bills now available by email

proeprty taxes

Grand County property tax owners recently received their property tax bills in the mail but a select few received them more than a week earlier thanks to a new program that allows the bill to be sent by email.

According to Grand County Treasurer Chris Kauffman, the Utah Legislature passed a bill several years ago that allows the tax bill to be sent by email. “Going paperless allows taxpayers to receive their bill earlier, send the bill to multiple addresses and save resources,” said Kauffman. According to information on the 2019 tax notice, those who sign up for email notices will no longer receive a printed bill.

Taxpayers can visit the sign-up webpage through and then verify they are the owner using a PIN number printed on the back of their tax bill. The email PIN expires at the end of the year. Multiple parcels can be signed up at once and two additional email addresses can receive the bill.

“No one likes paying their property taxes,” said Kauffman, “but we are trying to provide as many options and make it as convenient as possible.” Property taxes are due Monday, Dec. 2 because the regular due date of Nov. 30 falls on a Saturday.

Taxpayers who earn less than $33,530 per year and who also meet another qualification (age 65 or older, disabled, widow/widower, experiencing an extreme hardship) can apply for a reduction in their taxes through the Grand County Treasurer. Call 435-259-1338 for more information.