Excavation questions at UMTRA pile

The Moab Tailings Site north of Moab is slowly being chipped away, week by week. Photo by Carter Pape


The Department of Energy at the Moab Tailings Site is looking for anyone who can tell them or provide documents saying how far below the original existing ground level was excavated before starting to put tailings in place. This would have been about 1955-56. If you have knowledge on this matter please contact the Grand County UMTRA Liaison Russ Von Koch at 435-259-1795.

The question came to me because of my involvement with the original Site Futures Committee some years ago. This pre-dates the 2014 material listed on the Grand County website. I worked with various people to give information to the DOE and the county council on the subject. I had found various old aerial photos and other information about the early days of the project due to my work with the county at the Road Department.

— David Vaughn
Castle Valley