The consequences of drug use

A suspicious-looking dollar bill and card sit on a table. Photo by Carter Pape


We all know there are many good reasons to not use illegal drugs coming from south of our border. We also know the drug cartels engage in vicious, bloody turf battles over who gets the largest share of the drug trade. People die every day in these battles. But when nine American citizens are murdered, even if it is a case of mistaken identity, the consequences of our drug use really hit home.

There are certainly people in our community who are using drugs supplied by the cartels. Let them know that their drug use is enabling the kind of behavior that resulted in the hideous deaths of nine American women and children south of our border in addition to the deaths of thousands of other innocents, who are not Americans, who get in the way of the huge profits to be made in the drug trade on a daily basis.

If you know anyone who is a user, remind that person of the consequences of his or her drug use. Without the money supplied by our drug users, there would be no turf wars.

— Bill Foreman