A ‘can’ do attitude

Here are some of the nearly 60,000 aluminum cans that were traded for cash Saturday during America Recycles Day. Photo courtesy of the
Community Recycle Center

Nearly a ton of aluminum cans – 1,854 pounds – was traded for cash Saturday during Moab Solutions’ Cash for Cans event, part of America Recycles Day at the Community Recycle Center.

On Friday, 200 cubic feet of paper was shredded for free by Colorado Document Security.

“I was truly moved to see how many people brought in cans who could really make use of a bit of extra cash,” said Sara Melnicoff of Moab Solutions. “I hope we can do this a couple of times a year, because this community is all about caring for each other and for community entities, like the CRC, that acts as a hub for so many activities.

“The folks bringing cans get some cash, the center gets lots of cans to process and sell, and the sponsor gets great publicity. That qualifies as a win-win-win in my book. There were also some people who donated the funds back to the CRC or [Moab Solutions], which was very kind.”