Bicyclist taken to hospital after car collision on Main Street

Driver took victim to MRH after incident

The front wheel of this bicycle was bent after a collision between the cyclist and a driver last week. Photo by Moab City Police

A car and bicyclist collided around 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 15, at the intersection of Main Street and 300 South, sending the cyclist to the hospital. The cyclist said she suffered bruising and minor injuries.

The cyclist and a witness to the accident separately told police that the driver had struck the cyclist while she was stopped, waiting to cross Main Street. The driver said that the cyclist hit the front left side of his car as he was waiting to turn left onto 300 South from Main Street and that he took her to the hospital after the collision.

The witness told police that the driver turned “too early” and crossed over multiple lanes, striking the cyclist while she was waiting in the forward lane to cross the street. The cyclist told police that she was using “appropriate lighting” for riding at night.