Driver arrested after deputies find car allegedly stolen

Hitchhiker, pregnant woman also in car released

Mickey Kody Threlkeld

After deputies with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office pulled over three people in a car that was allegedly speeding down Interstate 70 near Highway 191, the driver faces a felony charge for allegedly driving a stolen vehicle and numerous misdemeanor drug charges.

The sheriff’s office released a hitchhiking passenger after searching the car and finding that he was not tied to the case; the other passenger, a pregnant woman traveling with the driver, was arrested and later released to the hospital and is not currently facing any charges.

A deputy with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office pulled over Mickey Kody Threlkeld midday on Nov. 8 after he allegedly clocked Threlkeld driving 90 mph in an 80 mph zone on Interstate 70. After a search on the license plate number, the sheriff’s office found that the vehicle had been allegedly stolen out of Oklahoma, and they detained the three people who were in the car, later releasing the two passengers.

During a search of the car, deputies allegedly found used needles, including one they said contained meth. Deputies also allegedly found a grinder with marijuana inside.

After asking Threlkeld if he used either substance, he said that he had not used meth in a couple days and that he had used marijuana four to five hours prior. Deputies then charged him for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs after conducting a sobriety test.

A deputy took the woman who was in the car with Threlkeld to the hospital after finding out she was pregnant. Her charges were referred to the Grand County Attorney, who had not filed a case against her as of Tuesday.