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    Letter: Trump isn’t ‘any politician’

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    “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is a very popular expression on far-right conspiracy and white nationalist websites like Breitbart and Info Wars. Fox News, Limbaugh and the rest then shove the conspiracy theories and fake news created and promoted on these sites into plain sight. Readers of the Times-Independent wouldn’t know about these crazy sites because the Times-Independent doesn’t report on them. The same is true for far left sites, as well.

    My somewhat tongue-in cheek complaint to the T-I two weeks ago made this point exactly. The words, actions and ideas of people who now only pretend to be Republicans are irrelevant. Mike Lee, John Curtis, and everyone else in the tank for Trump look like 4-year-olds with their fingers in their ears shouting nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah-nah. Nothing they say or do should be taken seriously.

    Trump isn’t “any politician,” as the letter writer (Letters, 14 Nov.) stated. Minimizing Trump’s real role, then sidestepping the existential question before us while launching into a standard “libertarian” screed is disingenuous and deceptive. Here, the First, Second and 12th Amendments, the Declaration of Independence and “what the Democrats want” are just red herrings being dragged across the trail of evidence that’ll prove the man’s high crimes and misdemeanors.

    “Respect for … fellow Americans” in a “nation of laws” where a lawless president respects nothing and no one is absolute nonsense. Ironic such people fear a “one party mob-ocracy” when everything they do brings it closer every day.

    Regardless of any “irrational ranting and raving” on my part, I would point out that the charges I leveled against Trump went unanswered in the letter writer’s response: Trump’s abuse of the power of his office, the betrayal of his oath to the Constitution and his obstructions of justice, which were first enumerated in Vol. 2 of the Mueller Report. Now I can add the extortion and bribery of a foreign leader intended to benefit Trump personally in the 2020 election.

    Trumpers tell me they will take up their guns and take to streets if their guy is brought low by impeachment, or even if voters throw him out in 2020. A rigged election, ya see! We already heard that from Trump in 2016.

    Please don’t tell me to “keep calm.”

    — Kevin McGann
    Castle Valley

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