Man arrested after backing into, damaging wife’s car

Michael Houstin Bastian

A local man faces charges including two felonies after he allegedly stopped his car and backed it into his wife’s as they were both driving in Spanish Valley. The domestic violence incident caused at least $3,000 to the woman’s vehicle and could yield jail time for the man if he is convicted.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office arrested Michael Houstin Bastian, 39, on Nov. 5 on charges of aggravated assault, criminal mischief, driving on a denied license, failure to report a traffic incident and a partially obstructed license plate.

According to the sheriff’s office, Bastian’s wife had called 911 to report the traffic incident and to say that Bastian had allegedly done donuts” with his car before fleeing the area.

The woman told police that, while she was driving on Resource Boulevard earlier in the day, Bastian passed her in his car, stopped in front of her, and got out of the car and began to approach her. According to the wife, she began reversing away from him as Bastian came after her, so he got back into his car and reversed into her vehicle.

An officer said that, later in the day, he spotted a truck he knew belonged to Bastian’s girlfriend and began following it. The officer said that he attempted to run the truck’s license plate, but the corner was partially curled, making the first letter illegible. He then pulled the truck over for the plate not being clearly visible.

The officer recognized the driver as Bastian and the passenger as his girlfriend. After confirming that Bastian’s license was suspended, the deputy arrested him and the girlfriend took her car.

The sheriff’s office said that they later found the vehicle Bastian allegedly used in the assault; it was “hidden,” according to officers, on private property with the license plate removed, and a wristband from Moab Regional Hospital with Bastian’s name was inside.