Police: Woman drunkenly walks into house, is arrested, escapes handcuffs

Suspect faces felony charge for escaping custody

Sheena Lynn Salt

A woman faces felony charges for escaping police custody after she allegedly walked into a local person’s home, sat down at the resident’s table and, after being arrested for trespassing, removing her handcuffs while sitting in a police car.

The woman, Sheena Lynn Salt, 30, also faces misdemeanor charges for failing to disclose her identity, interfering with arrest and intoxication. Moab City Police arrested her after the incident occurred Sunday evening, Nov. 17.

The resident whose home Salt allegedly entered called police after she came in and “mentioned something about her child,” according to a police report. After the resident tried to identify Salt, she became angry and left, and police arrived soon after.

Police said that, as they were interviewing Salt about allegedly entering the house, she refused to provide her name even after being told she would be arrested if she didn’t. She told police her name was “nobody,” then that it was “Arizona,” then that it was “Utah.”

Police eventually put her in handcuffs and into a police car and awaited Grand County EMS, as she was visibly intoxicated. When EMS arrived, police took Salt out of the car and found that she had removed her handcuffs. They placed her in a new set of handcuffs and allowed EMS to evaluate her.

EMS concluded that Salt had to go to the hospital for further evaluation. After she was released from the hospital, officers transported her to Grand County Jail.