Remembering Sarah Bauman


History is a complicated patchwork of activity, perception, and reality. These things get complicated and, as time goes by, memories fade and recollections get fuzzy. But history matters because our very moments now are continuations of our living history, and are the basis for thought and action based on what has gone before. History is rich with lessons for our enrichment and enlightenment.

I was very happy to see the great photos from the “Soiree for Healthcare” fundraiser held at the HooDoo Hotel recently. The Moab Free Health Clinic is a vitally important organization in the community of organizations, and has made countless lives better. However, Danette Johnson was inadvertently listed as the founder of the clinic. Actually, Sarah Bauman, former Moab resident, city councilwoman, and WabiSabi founder, founded the clinic. Johnson was one of the first board members.

Sarah certainly left her mark on Moab. From the early days of WabiSabi in 2002, to her work with the Moab Free Health Clinic, she honed in on what was needed in this community and created it! She was instrumental in helping the Moab Valley Multicultural Center achieve its nonprofit status, and she worked on the Charter School, and Beacon After School projects, among others. I am not sure what else I am leaving out of this remarkable woman’s resume, but I hope you get the idea.

Now let’s go out and make some history!

— Sara Melnicoff