Pleasant community increases property values


I want to thank the San Juan County Commissioners for investing in a thorough and thoughtful process to develop and adopt new land ordinances for Spanish Valley.

san juan county commissioners
From the left are San Juan County Commissioners Kenneth Maryboy, Willie Grayeyes and Bruce Adams. Photo by Doug McMurdo

Many of us who live in Spanish Valley and make it our home are grateful that the SJC commissioners care about the quality of life of residents in Spanish Valley. We appreciate the commissioners listening to the many comments made by residents and approving ordinances that are a good compromise in allowing growth and development, while also preserving the rural character and other values of concern to residents.

If examined carefully, one can see that these new ordinances allow for planned development that will promote the property rights of both owners and developers. Very little is categorically prohibited. The most significant change is to require developers to follow an application process in certain areas. This allows the SJC Planning and Zoning Commission to assure that new commercial or business development close to residential areas are done with appropriate consideration to nearby residents. This was Landmark Design’s purpose in recommending “flex” zones – areas that are open to almost any kind of development, as long as the impact on neighbors is considered.

These are solid, legal and comprehensive development ordinances that can be improved as needed in the future. If there are any problems in the map defining the commercial, business and residential zones, they can be and should be easily addressed.

I support an orderly and open approach for the SJC Planning and Zoning Commission to reconsider aspects of the map. I am confident that both they and the SJC Commission will be open to appropriate changes.

It is my hope and belief that all property owners in Spanish Valley eventually will be thankful for the foresight of this zoning and planned development. A well-thought-out and pleasant community increases the value of property for everyone.

– Carolyn Dailey

San Juan County