Local felon arrested with pipe bomb, small machete

Coworker arrested for obstruction of justice Nov. 30

Jeremy Cook

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office recently found a pipe bomb, a machete, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in a backpack that allegedly belonged to a recently arrested suspect who the sheriff’s office said is a convicted felon who had two open arrest warrants against him.

A deputy arrested Jeremy Cook at the 7-Eleven gas station and convenience store in Thompson on Saturday, Nov. 30, as well as a coworker of Cook’s who also worked at the convenience store. The sheriff’s office charged the coworker with obstruction of justice after, according to a sheriff’s deputy, he admitted to informing Cook that police were looking for him at the convenience store.

When police arrived at the convenience store, they saw the coworker and asked if he was working by himself, to which the coworker replied that another employee was also on duty. Police asked whether Cook, who had two active arrest warrants against him, was working; the employee said that he was, according to police.

Police told the coworker not to inform Cook about their presence or he would “catch a charge,” according to a court filing from the sheriff’s office. In the end, the coworker did “catch a charge.”

As a deputy awaited confirmation of the arrest warrants against Cook, the coworker walked back into the gas station convenience store, and the deputy followed him. According to a deputy, the man walked to the back of the store near the bathrooms then returned. When the deputy asked whether Cook was back there, the coworker said that he was not.

The deputy looked for Cook outside the store but did not find him. When he went back inside the store to look for him, he noticed the door to the store’s office closed and locked, whereas it had been open when he had first arrived, he said in a court filing.

The deputy said in the court filing that he announced his presence and told Cook to come out, receiving no response. He announced that he knew Cook was in the office and ordered that Cook come out before he went in. Cook then spoke up, saying he was just calling his girlfriend, according to the deputy. The deputy then started counting to three, and Cook opened the door.

The deputy found a needle that tested positive for methamphetamines and a substance that tested positive for marijuana, according to the court filing. The deputy asked Cook whether anyone had tipped him off, letting him know he was there. According to the deputy, Cook admitted that he had been tipped off.

The deputy then went into the store to talk to the coworker. He asked whether he had let Cook know that the deputy was there when he went back to the bathroom, and the coworker eventually admitted that he did, according to the deputy. The deputy then arrested him for obstruction of justice.

After taking Cook and his coworker to the Grand County Jail, another employee who took over at the gas station for Cook and his coworker contacted police to tell them that they had found a bag belonging to Cook that appeared to have drugs in it. A deputy took custody of the backpack and searched it.

According to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, the backpack contained a homemade pipe bomb still intact with a fuse attached, a machete with a 12-inch blade, needles that tested positive for meth, and a folded dollar bill containing what appeared to be meth.

Cook faces elevated charges for alleged possession of the materials, as he has previously been convicted of felony charges.