New board members join Moab Solutions


Moab Solutions is pleased to announce that two new board members have joined the organization, while three have departed.

Original board members Bob, “O’B” O’Brien, and Mary O’Brien recently resigned after serving multiple terms. Board member Carol Hoggard, active with Moab Solutions since May of 2004, passed away in July.

We would have been nothing without the great work of these three and we are deeply appreciative of the time they served on the board.

New members Dave Erley and Lenore Beeson recently joined the board. They, together with Robin Zank, of Livingston, Montana, form the current board. Erley was the two-term mayor of Castle Valley from 2010 to 2017 and is a founding member of the Moab Area Watershed Partnership. He has worked for Utah Open Lands on private land conservation and for the Grand Canyon Trust on public land conservation.

Lenore Beeson has been a Realtor since 1993. Her deep love of nature guides her volunteer spirit. She has worked with Moab Solutions for years on issues of homelessness, giving assistance to people in need, and Mill Creek Parkway cleanups. She has volunteered time and resources to help the community in need get health care, and supports efforts to help injured wildlife and the homeless pets of Moab.

I’m quite pleased with the current makeup of the board. As we strive toward succession, I feel confident that this group will help make great things happen. For information about Moab Solutions, visit our website at

— Sara Melnicoff